The LongBoard of the Future

Will the vehicle of the future be the longboard? Though skateboarders have long used the long board for more arduous journeys – it’s the off-road rally car of skateboards in a way – the newest versions may open up a whole new field of uses. Far removed from that beginner longboard sitting in your garage, these new longboards are electrically powered, and some have traveled up to 25 miles in a single go. From 3d printed boards to solar powered devices, there are a bunch of new prototypes of boards being created. We are going to cover a couple of the cooler ones.

beginner longboard

My favorite board of the future is the extended range electric board. [overclocker_kris] took this board on a 20-mile journey before he (not the board) became too tired to continue. Though this mode of transportation may not be practical for longer commutes in America, its usage for short trips and for navigating the roads of older European cities and Asian cities built before cars is pretty great. Though the current version needs an external battery pack to be worn to top out at that many miles, batteries are always getting smaller and more efficient. With a bit of investment, I can see these new boards going a long way. Makes we want to whip out my beginner longboard and brush up.

Another cool device entering the world of longboards is the 3d printer. Many futurists predicted 3d printing would eventually encompass mostly everything, and it looks like longboards made it into this ‘everything.’ There are already dozens of models, as well as custom designs for each piece. The time will soon come for you will able to create and assemble your own custom longboard, either using pre-made templates or if you’re an accomplished 3d modeler, from the ground up.