Can You Beat a Lie Detector Test?

Surely you’ve heard of a lie detector test. They are also known as polygraph tests.

They’re purpose is to detect if someone is lying. Well, the physical signs that someone may be lying. These are heart rate, respiration and skin conductivity. Supposedly, when someone is lying, blood pressure goes up, respiration becomes more shallow, and skin conductivity changes.

Several types of questions are asked, and depending on the response, agencies can tell if someone is lying.

It is most often used to screen personnel, or try and verify the truth of what suspects and witnesses are saying. Sometimes it’s even used for people on probation.

Many agencies out there do lie detecting testes. You can find a lie detector test Cambridge, or in other parts of the world, and hire them to do the work.

Is it possible for someone to outsmart the test? Yes. First, the examiner starts to ask questions called control questions. These questions would make normal, innocent people react, but guilty people not. They may be things like, ”Have you ever lied just to get out of trouble?” These questions are mixed with greater questions that an innocent person would never lie about. Thus, they compare the person’s reactions.

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Thus, if someone knows how it works, and can control well their heart rate, respiration and sweat while answer the questions, they can beat the polygraph test. If they can make their reactions to control questions seem big, then when relevant questions come up, the response will seem smaller, and they will pass the test.

So, do lie detector tests always work? Not always, but most of the time they can give a pretty good idea as to whether or not someone is lying. Thus, if you’re needing to find a polygrapher or a lie detector test Cambridge, you can easily find one online who is up for hire.